Post covid selling a destination will be hard, convincing people to travel, even harder. | EFE

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, the tourist industry in Majorca faces numerous challenges. Yes, international flight numbers have increased dramatically, but they are just numbers, the airport authority is not giving us the full breakdown of passenger numbers and those who may be simply passing through Palma in transit.

Apart from that, competition from other Mediterranean destinations are mounting every year and, the world is a smaller place thanks to cheaper airlines and even more exciting and exotic long-haul destinations opening up.

Those are just a few of the obvious hurdles Majorca will have to combat, but there are others such as the continuing fear of travelling because of Covid. A sudden spike in any destination could mean holiday makers getting trapped or forced into having costly tests etc. not to mention do people feel safe on a plane or spending hours in busy airports?

For example, two-thirds of Europeans still feel unsafe to travel amid Covid a study has found.

Only a third of about 5,300 persons have stressed that they feel comfortable travelling again, a year and a half into the pandemic situation, a recent survey conducted by global strategy and management consulting firm Oliver Wyman has found.

So, how does Majorca set about changing people’s mindset and regaining their confidence? Splashing out on trade fairs and fancy TV ads is not the answer.