Traffic jam on the airport motorway. | P. PELLICER

The Balearic government has always been quick to underline their green credentials and this was one of the main reasons why the tourist tax was ease the footprint of millions of tourists. But, they face a new problem.

It is not exactly new but it has certainly resurfaced. There is gridlock on local roads at key times. Yesterday, traffic along the airport motorway came to a halt. The tailback lasted for many kilometres. Yes, it was rush hour and yes children have returned to school. But the Balearic government are going to have to take action sooner rather than later. A third lane along the airport motorway is an option which should be considered. Now for years the local authorities have happily blamed the number of rent-a-cars on local roads for the gridlock. Not this year, because rates for hired cars are at a premium and there are fewer tourists than normal.

So in other words it is local people in local cars. In my boredom yesterday I even tried to spot the hired cars in the long traffic jam, I couldn´t see one. So, we have a problem and a big one. It is a question of build more roads which will upset the green lobby or try and convince drivers to leave their cards at home and take public transport, which will also lead to an outcry. It is probably a measure of Mallorca´s success that it has one of the largest car fleets per capita in Europe. Now, tough decisions will have to be made by the Balearic government.