Neither the Spanish not British authorities could have made the advice any clearer. | T. AYUGA

It appears that a number of Britons living in Spain are still having problems in obtaining residency permits, some have actually been rejected.

Clearly this is all down to Brexit and the UK now being a “third party” country as far as Spain and the EU is concerned, but the Spanish and British governments spent years in the build up to Brexit explaining to Britons wishing to continue residing legally in Spain what they had to do and what the deadlines were.

Some like myself, I have to admit, missed the driving license deadline, I was a little confused and thought there a six month grace period has been introduced, but it was not.
However, thanks to the close working relationship between the Spanish and the British, it looks highly likely that British driving licenses will continue to be valid from the end of this month, the current deadline.

But, the bottom line is that all of the Spanish services work, the problem still appears to be that many of those Britons continuing to have problems were not as legal as they should have been in the first place and are now having problems proving that they are entitled to a residence permit.

If you are legal, it’s all a breeze.

I had to renew and alter the data on my social security medical card last week, the while process took less than five minutes.

You can’t fool the system any more.