“Important chinks in the security armour at Palma airport have been exposed.” | - EFE


“ Pity they escaped the plane then left the airport and got a ferry from a small island. So much for security, yes the Guardia (Civil) and police did well but you try to get on a plane with a bottle of Coke you didn’t buy in the airport and your in big trouble.”

I had a quiet chuckle to myself when I read this comment on our facebook site on Tuesday night and it rather sums up the whole story. The “Great Escape” at Palma airport on Friday night has put security at the airport very much in the spotlight. Overall, I would say that the airport security service do a great job but this whole incident has exposed some serious chinks in the airport security armour. Someone should really resign.

How can 20 people escape from a plane at Palma airport and then even manage to get the mainland? This was obviously a well planned operation and the fact that most of the escapees only checked in hand luggage shows that they were prepared for their “escape.”

The airport obviously needs to change its security protocols. The first people to board the aircraft when it made the emergency landing in Palma should have been police officers, not the ambulance crew.

More officers should have been ringing the aircraft just in case. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and I severely doubt that an incident of this type will happen again but our airport security has been shown to be not fit for purpose. Somone, somewehere needs to take responsibility because it certainly wasn´t the airport´s finest hour.