The local authorities appear to be up the junction when it comes to climate change. | jmartiny

How many times have we heard about the need to reduce vehicles on Mallorca’s roads as part of the Balearic government’s climate change plan? Time and time again, along with the need for more and better public transport.

So, yesterday the “sardines” on the commuter trains to Palma handed over a petition to the government stating what they want the authorities to do in order to vastly improve the rail network and service and it seems to make sense to me.

But, what shocked me was that once upon a time, the rail service served 33 towns and villages, now it is just 18. I don’t call that improvement and that is certainly not going to deter people from using their vehicles, and so the argument trundles on. Then we have solar power.

The authorities are all for it, but the environmentalists don’t want solar power plants to cause any urban or rustic damage, so what’s the answer? I have one.

For example, why not take down the miles and miles of graffiti covered road noise barriers and replace them with a giant network of solar panels. Being vertical, they would not take up too much space, in fact all they would be doing is replacing the ugly sidings currently in place.

Mallorca would then have a giant supply of solar power and, with a bit of luck, drivers and passengers will be able to enjoy the Mallorcan countryside as opposed to the so-called art while they wait for a new railway station to be built near them.