“Difficult times call for difficult decisions in the Balearics...” | - EFE


It will be interesting to see whether the Balearic government will demand the Covid vaccination passport for access to bars and restaurants. This is a policy which they are pondering at the moment as the number of cases continues to rise and the number of people who refuse the vaccine stays the same.

It is estimated that there are thousands of people who are refusing to have the vaccine in the Balearics for a variety of reasons. The Balearic government has called for them to get vaccinated otherwise restrictions may have to be introduced over the festive period. This was the threat last week but the number of cases has continued to rise. Now, the Balearic government could attempt to force the hand of those who refuse the vaccine by demanding that bars and restaurants ask their clients for their vaccine passport. It is readily available for those who have been vaccinated.

The Balearic government is facing another nightmare period. If the number of cases continue to rise they may be forced to introduce new restrictions over the festive period. Family gatherings involving people from different households could be limited and bar and restaurant opening times reduced. Restrictions and the greater use of the vaccine passport could result in a backlash from the public.

But difficult times call for difficult decisions. The Balearic government have always said that they will not put the economic needs of the islands above public health.