“Palma was packed over the public holiday prompting fears over Covid....” | Gemma Andreu -


The Balearics are back on Covid alert after an increase in the number of cases but you wouldn´t know it, if you walked around Palma at the moment. Last Saturday night and on Monday night the city was packed. It was so busy that some people elected to go home because of the sheer volume of people and fears over Covid.

Some people were wearing masks on the streets, others were not. Everyone who went into a shop was wearing a mask. The rules were not being broken at all but I do fear that the government will have to introduce some restrictions again, such as masks in the streets as well as in shops and other businesses. It is quite understandable if you think about it.

Last Christmas was hit by restrictions and this year people are trying to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Everyone is following the rules but there is a problem, the number of cases are rising. Covid passports are being demanded by restaurants but they are still packed and if you didn´t have a reservation you do not get a table. It is rather a strange atmosphere, it is life as normal but concern over Covid. If the cases continue to rise the government will have little option but to introduce new restrictions.

This will be a major blow especially for those who were hoping for a normal Christmas. The alert will continue throughout the week. One of the reasons why the government introduced restrictions last year was because of gathering over these public holidays.....