EU recovery aid is flooding in but I think we, the people, should be asked how it is spent

EU recovery aid is flooding in but I think we, the people, should be asked how it is spent

08-12-2021J. TORRES

Palma has some of the worst tap drinking water in Spain and certainly one of the worst eyesores - the old GESA building in prime position on the city’s sea front - but what is being done about this and many other problems the city is plagued with?

On the table is the airport tram project. Well I always use the airport bus, it cheap and quick, so what is the problem?

I have lost count of the times I have cycled past the GESA building but it continues to irritate me. How it can be a protected building because of the architectural value is beyond me. So many projects of how to revive the building and put it some good use have gone no where. My answer is knock it down, create a giant open space on the sea front for people to enjoy.

For visitors who have never come to Palma before, it must be quite a shock to see the GESA building before the majestic Cathedral while travelling in from the airport.

Politicians ramble on about the “beautification” and protection of Palma and the island in general, well surely they can’t seriously believe that the old GESA building sits comfortably with all that.

So, let’s have an open and public debate. Why does not the council hold an on-line and transparent referendum. Ask the people of Palma what they want to do with the GESA building, save it or demolish it. I have a pretty good idea what the result would be.


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Mark / Hace about 1 month

I think the Gesa building should be made into a simple, but nice and child friendly appartment building for single mothers with kids out of violent relationships. With a HUGE safety door + cameras at the entrance, so their violent spouses cannot enter.


Peter / Hace about 1 month

You know nothing will happen with it and I fail to understand how the original owners are not responsible for either repurposing or demolition. Having said that they could always use the money that isn't going to be spent on the tram to do something with it, hell I know, why not use the ecotax to knock it down.


Adam / Hace about 1 month

Agree Completely with this commentary That old Gesa Building is an eyesore and disgusting and is a reflection of how the system works in Mallorca they are very good at creating new projects when there are plenty of projects and commitments which get simply neglected for many many years , The exhibition incenter took many many years to be completed due to forgotten commitments and unpaid bills they are very good at building new things but long term view and costs and maintenance in the future is completely forgotten , the only interest of the government is to get the invoices rolling asap !