“Covid passports have meant that unless your paperwork is in order you are in trouble.” | Fotos: J.R.P.¶


The Balearic government is taking a gamble pushing the vaccine passport to the forefront in their ongoing battle against Covid. At first it was just restaurants, now bars and cafes and probably cinemas next. It is quite a sensible approach really; they are underlining the seriousness of the situation and at the same time ensuring that people are vaccinated.

If you haven´t had both jabs you are taking a risk going to a bar, restaurant and cafe. More than likely you will be denied access. For those who pride themselves on not having their paperwork in order this is a nightmare scenario. Never before has there been such a need to ensure that you are fully legal in the eyes of the Spanish authorities.

Your Covid passport should be accompanied by your TIE resident card or your green certificate and passport. All those who have been in the shadows, living in Spain without the proper paperwork, must be seriously concerned. The party is over. You have to be fully legal these days or otherwise there is little point living here.

The online conspiracy merchants must be having a field day. In one bold stroke the Balearic government has ended the “twilight existence” of those who thought that paperwork was unnecessary. It is not only necessary these days it is vital. There is no where to go. It is a question of “Put Up or Shut Up.”

I do feel sorry for some of the more elderly expats who failed to get their paperwork in order but I have no sympathy for others in the lower age bracket.