People standing in line to collect food from the food banks in Palma. | DANIEL ESPINOSA

On Wednesday evening I had a meeting in the centre of Palma and as I turned the corner to my final destination I came across a huge queue of people, mainly women and, by the looks of it mothers, of all ages, outside the entrance to a church.

At first I had trouble figuring out what was going on, then I saw a large poster on the door advertising prepared meals for the needy. I suddenly remembered, just as the pandemic has not gone away, or is getting worse, neither have the poor living conditions many hundreds of families are having to live under and have been since Covid struck.

Nevertheless, despite runaway inflation and soaring prices of basic food, the general public are clearly still donating to food to the various charities which have dedicated months to helping those in need. Many of the annual festive fundraising events have either been cancelled or scaled down, but people are still giving and it was heartwarming to see that all of those people standing in line round the block were going to be taking home a meal for their families.

They will not be fighting whether to party or not this Christmas, they will be simply wondering about where their next meal is coming from and judging from I saw, it will be coming. So well done to all those who are helping to stock the food banks.