Children getting vaccinated on the Balearic Islands. | - EFE

... was eleven-year-old Jordi Romero. On Wednesday at Son Dureta in Palma, Jordi was the first under-12 in Mallorca to be given the Pfizer vaccine, which is a lower dose for his age group. Having been vaxxed, he said that initially he had been a bit scared but added that he had barely felt a thing. For the kids, it seems as if their concern has been whether the jab is going to hurt, which is fair enough, rather than worry about the effects. Controversial the vaccination of pre-teens may be, but it is controversial only because of those who persist in refusing to accept the benefits - for whichever age group.

Three Cheers...

For excellent gastronomy. One of the bets for alternative tourism in Majorca, gastronomy - in its broadest sense - is all pervasive. It is represented at island fiestas and fairs, for which there are culinary themes, ranging from the Mallorcan paprika to cuttlefish. It has special promotions, such as TaPalma, and it also has - at the very height of the gastronomic scale - Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants. The Bulletin is blessed by having the invaluable contributions of Marc Fosh, one of these chefs, whose Michelin star has been retained for an eighth year. There are ten chefs and nine restaurants in all in Majorca on the latest Michelin list. A tribute to excellence.


A Big Boo...

For damage caused by high wind. It was revealed that a victim of the previous week’s fierce gusts was the Osborne bull. Located on the Son Munar finca in Algaida, the one-time publicity symbol for Osborne Brandy de Jerez is - as with other Osborne bulls in Spain - an item of Spanish cultural heritage (under a 1994 law). The Algaida bull has suffered various indignities over several years, having been painted on numerous occasions by groups intent on promoting their different causes. This time, it was wind that was to blame. The iron structure was blown off its concrete base, and questions have been asked as to why the Council of Mallorca hasn’t got round to repairing it.