“The Calle Olmos in the centre of Palma has become like a racetrack...” | R.S.


How many more injuries need to be inflicted until the Palma city council takes action against irresponsible electric scooter riders? It is quite amazing that scooters are still allowed to use pedestrianised streets and pavements even though we are talking about relatively high powered vehicles which are a risk to public safety.

The Palma city council should make all scooter riders use the bike lanes around the city and they should be barred from pavements. I know this sounds rather radical but there have been numerous incidents over the last few months with riders and pedestrians being injured. What concerns me is the speeds which some of these more high powered scooters can reach.

The council have tried to take some action calling on riders to wear reflective vests but still the number of accidents continue to rise. And while I am on the subject it is not just electric scooters (but they are the main pavement peril), skateboards also pose a risk to public safety. Some of the big pedestrianised streets are like racetracks during the morning and evening rush hours.

The Calle Olmos in the centre of Palma is a classic example. I have watched in horror as scooter riders dodge pedestrians narrowly avoiding them. The Palma city council likes nothing better than giving out traffic fines but still no action is taken against electric scooter riders. Legislation needs to be brought in sooner rather than later. The peril on the pavements need to be stopped.