“How can Britain have a monarch who is well past retirement age?”

“How can Britain have a monarch who is well past retirement age?”

05-01-2022NEIL HALL - pro CDV - EFE - EPA

I have always considered myself a royalist. I believed that the British royal family were the figureheads of the country and could never imagine anything different. But that was then. The prospect of a future king, who is well past retirement age, and scandal after scandal has made me consider whether the British royal family has a future.

What exactly does this very large family do for Britain? Obviously, I do not include Queen Elizabeth in this category, because she has proved to be a great monarch who has served Britain and the Commonwealth with distinction. But, I am afraid to say that other members of her family are not really fit for purpose.

Prince Charles is now 73 years old. In normal circumstances he would have retired but he is still preparing to undertake one of the greatest jobs in the country. Even Prince William is 39, so he won´t be a young monarch even if the crowns skips a generation. My biggest problem with the British royal family is that they do not have a clearly defined role.

I think during the Covid crisis they have been sadly missing. Granted that Covid is for the government and outside their royal remit but I am sure that the heir to the throne or even his son could have helped lead the campaign for volunteers to help with the vaccination programme or given regular televised speeches to raise the morale of the country.

Instead, some senior royals have been on the front pages for all the wrong reasons. They should lead by example.


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Mark / Hace 21 days

It just proves this whole royal system is ridiculous. Not criticizing the Queen, she is a great lady. But it should be like for everyone else: 65/66/67 and you retire. Then again........Charles.......maybe she should outlive him, for everybody's sake.


Brett / Hace 22 days

I think the problem is the media and their trolling. Then of course, there are people like you who seem to think their idea of how other people/institutions should be, are the best.