“Whatever happened to the inflight meal, even a coffee or a newspaper?” | R.L.


I don´t like travelling anymore. The joys of getting on an aircraft and having a pleasant experience are long gone. I remember that once your holiday started at your departure airport, now I would say it starts when you reach your destination. Remember the days when you got an inflight meal, tea or coffee, even a newspaper. You could sit back and relax, now you sit back and try and calm down after endless security and documentation checks. It is a shame, really. Flying was fun. Even booking your flight or holiday has become more complicated when it should have become easier. As we all know booking a holiday on the internet is no easy task and of course these days it is almost impossible to speak to someone from your airline or travel company.

Am I alone in thinking that travel was more enjoyable before or am I just showing my age? I am sure that many people would welcome the return of the airline meal and a more relaxed way of travel. I spent a sizeable part of Wednesday trying to speak to my airline regarding a forthcoming trip. I kept on being diverted to the website and when I finally talked to someone he told that he was not in a position to give me the information which I needed. Granted that air fares ad travel as a whole is cheaper now....but now alot. I remember when the flight from Palma to Gatwick was almost like a social occasion. It was fun. Nowadays, you just give a sight a relief when you leave the airport.