From politicians to tennis players, some people are having a laugh

From politicians to tennis players, some people are having a laugh.

12-01-2022TERESA AYUGA

I guess, it is human nature, we don’t particularly like being told what to do, especially when it involves people who we’ve never seen, or to a certain extent heard of, making life changing decisions for us.

But, things have to be put into context, and the pandemic threw the world into uncharted waters and rules and restrictions were introduced for our benefit.

But, the constant drip, drip, drip of stories emerging of leading politicians, be it in a back street bar in Mallorca or in the gardens of Downing Street, breaking their very own rules leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth.

Right now we have the Boris party scandal and the Novaxx Djokovic legal battle, is any one going to put their hands up and take responsibility.

Nobody appears to be accountable for anything anymore, unless you are the average Joe Bloggs on the street, then there would have been no parties, huge fines or arrest would have followed, and it’s been hard enough for Australians to return home to Australia, never mind foreign visitors getting in.

But, what has become blatantly clear is that there are two sets of rules, well there always has been as far as the political elite have been concerned, but what we’ve all been through and are going to endure is like nothing else we’ve experienced.

So perhaps this time, it was the moment for political leaders and sporting idols to shine and show some solidarity, never mind coming clean and playing by the book.


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Rich / Hace 11 days

Makes one wonder if they knew something about covid that they weren't telling us.


Burgundy / Hace 11 days

I don’t disagree with the sentiments of your article, Humphrey, but rather quewstion its existence.

If it has always been the case that there is one rule for them and another us, and that this state of affairs is likely to remain unchanged, why dress it up as news?


Adam / Hace 11 days

Yes it's True it's you and US and if it's you wear a mask and if it's US well don't ask !!!