There are so many things I love about Spain, especially its history. | Merie Weismiller Wallace - EFE -

The history of Spain, if not brutal at times, is fascinating. At one point the Spanish empire took in most of Europe not to mention parts of India, the Far East and South America until it all came crashing down like Britain’s. And tragically it was only a few generations ago that the country was locked in a bloody civil war, the victims of which are still being searched for and exhumed to this day as part of a law that recognises and broadens the rights and establishes measures in favour of those who suffered persecution or violence during the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship.

While that continues, witches are now going to be remembered. This week Catalonia’s regional parliament passed a resolution to rehabilitate the memory of hundreds of women executed for “witchcraft” between the 15th and 18th centuries.

The move was driven by pro-independence and left-wing groups who believe these women were “victims of misogynistic persecution.”

They want their memory to be honoured by naming streets after them.

Apparently, Catalonia was one of the first regions in Europe to carry out witch hunts, starting in 1471 and it is also considered one of the regions where the most executions took place.

Are we going to see some new witch celebrating fiestas in the future?