After everything we have been through, can’t the Balearics ease up a bit. | R.I.

Restrictions has surely got to have become the most hated word in the dictionary over the past two years and we are still far from being able to enjoy the freedom of liberty we were accustomed to prior to being hit by the pandemic, but Covid aside, there are still plenty of little chestnuts to be aware of.

Opposition parties in the Balearics have been calling for the postponement, if not scrapping, of the tourist tax. I know that is not a restriction but it is a financial pain in the pocket and as easyJet was quick to point out yesterday - be aware of the restrictions on all-inclusive holiday packages in the Balearics.

All of the UK’s tour operators and airlines have reported huge surges in demand and sales of holidays to Spain, in particular the Balearics, in the wake of PM Johnson’s lifting of travel tests and restrictions, but it’s not all going to a free bar for some once they get to the Balearics this year.

easyJet yesterday reminded its customers coming to the Balearics to make sure that they are up to speed with the alcohol restrictions and that in certain resorts such s Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and San Antonio in Ibiza, there are booze restrictions on all inclusive packages. As of 2020, alcoholic drinks are limited to three per person at lunch and dinner as part of the all inclusive basis.

Come on, give people a break, let them let their hair down after all we’ve been through.