Now medical prescriptions are going to be issued in digital format...what next? | JUAN MEDINA

There is a massive movement on in Spain against banks opting to push everyone to carrying out their banking online.

It was launched by a retired doctor on the mainland and the campaign to force banks back to face time attention is gaining a lot of traction. In fact some banks have taken note and are going to review their new policies and revert to a certain amount of face-to-face attention for their clients, after all we, the client, pay their wages and their commissions.

This week for example, I did as instructed online to get a new credit card, did it work? No, I ended up having to go to my branch and be issued with the new one manually and suck up a load of apologies.

Fortunately I am vaguely digital friendly, do not like it, but I am and I am constantly watching my account for bogus scams, one of which hacked my account this week and needless to say I am having to try and resolve that by communicating with an online bank clerk and I have got nowhere so far. I shall persevere and get my money back one way or another.

In the meantime, I have learnt that private health companies are going to start issuing medical prescriptions by SMS or other social media vehicles. That’s all fine and good if you know your way round a smart phone, but what about the generations that cannot or don’t have a smart phone. What are people getting paid to do?