“Germany has one of the lowest levels of vaccination of any European country...” | Reuters


The tourist industry appears to be going into overdrive. Hotels are reopening early (some as early as next month), staff are being recruited to work in the industry and forecasts of a great season. But a word of caution. Spain is demanding that everyone who comes into the country is double vaccinated and in some cases even a booster jab is needed. Britain has a high level of vaccination but there are obviously some problems with children who still haven´t been vaccinated and Germany, the principal tourist market for the Balearics, has one of the lowest levels of vaccination in Europe.

Spain shows no sign of dropping this Covid requirement so unless a sizeable part of the Germany population has a change of heart and decides to get vaccinated (which is highly unlikely) reports of a record season could be premature. Also, we should have surely learnt our lesson by now not to make forecasts too far in advance.

Last September everything was moving along nicely and then we were hit by a new wave of Covid. I do feel that there is a certain element of wishful thinking within the travel industry at the moment, which is understandable after a nightmare two years.

Fingers crossed that everything will go to plan this summer but don´t bet on it. It is too early to make forecasts. It will certainly be a last minute booking market. Travelling at the moment is an experience which some might not find too attractive, also. For now fingers crossed.