Find out why Pollensa town hall’s tourism website - - was a bit of a joke. | CCL

There was a time when Pollensa town hall’s tourism website - - was, to be blunt, a bit of a joke.

This was back when the only thing that appeared to matter was promoting the wonderful brand image that someone had come up with - the Ç. The website was bereft of useful information, but the change has been profound and the result very good. The introduction of ‘A place with stories to tell’ is a particularly nice touch.

The imagery is good, but what lets it down, and Pollensa can’t be singled out for blame in this regard, is some of the translation. The town hall is currently inviting more businesses and activities to feature. For this, there is a form inviting a brief and a longer description in the five languages - Catalan, Castellano, English, French and German.

Which is fine, but does depend on how good the translations are. Google Translate is most definitely not the answer; nor is any machine translator.
I fail to understand how it can be so difficult to find people who can, at the very least, make a Google translation more accurate. They could even be paid, and by paid, I mean by the town hall. For the sake of a few euros, it would improve the impression no end.