“Just when retailers thought there was light at the end of the tunnel...” | Jason Moore


It has been a hard time for Palma´s retailers; the pandemic, lack of tourists, a shortage of cruise ship passengers and online shopping have all had a big impact on shops in the city. Infact, on Palma´s premier shopping street, Jaime III, I have never seen so many empty shop fronts. Retailers need all the help they can get. Just when it appears that there is light at the end of the tunnel, along comes the Palma city council and decides to pull-up part of the Jaime III to improve the drainage network.

It is a complete mess. Part of the road has been sealed off. I suspect that shopkeepers couldn´t believe their eyes when they saw it. It has also caused some quite major traffic headaches as one of the lanes has been sealed off to traffic. The taxi rank is empty, and what is more the building work is expected to last some months.

The Palma city council should be helping retailers weather the storm not giving them even more problems. This summer season Majorca must display its best side especially Palma´s premier shopping area. It is not good if it looks like a building site.

Also, I think it is time that the city council allowed all shops in Palma to open on a Sunday. At the moment, only a lucky few (in the Jaime III) area are allowed to open. It should be extended to all. It would give them an opportunity to claw back some of their takings which have been lost during the pandemic. It should be the shopkeepers who decide when they can open not the city council.