Ukrainian flags hoisted in front of the European Parliament | STEPHANIE LECOCQ


I feel proud to be a European. This has nothing to do with Brexit or the European Union I am just pleased at the response from Europe to the Russian outrage in Ukraine.I will always be a European eventhough my country of birth is not a member of the European Union.

In the space of 24 hours I have also performed a major U-turn. Regular readers of this space will be aware that I was not too impressed with the response from the Western World to the invasion but in the last 24 hours I do believe that Britain and the European Union have got their acts together with tough sanctions against Russia and weapons and aid for the people of Ukraine. The European Union has appeared to have undergone a complete transformation, from an organisation which couldn´t agree on anything to one which is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine.

The one nation which isn´t taking a lead role, is the United States which appears to be happy to take a back-seat. Is Europe being left for the Europeans by Washington? I have nothing but admiration for the people of Ukraine, they are standing up bravely against the Russian onslaught and now they have plenty of help from Europe.

I even have some kind words for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He does appear to have also got his act together and has played a key role in bringing the coalition together. Whatever happens in Ukraine, Europe has shown that we are good neighbours and look after our friends.