Bucharest (Romania), 09/03/2022.- Ukrainian people leave the platform after the train that brought them from the city of Iasi arrived at North Railway Station, in Bucharest, Romania, 09 March 2022. A special train of the Romanian Railways (CFR), consisting of 10 wagons, brought Ukrainian refugees who arrived from the Republic of Moldova in Iasi city, on a train of the Moldovan Railways, from Iasi to Bucharest North Central Station. The refugees from the train were then taken by mixed teams of volunteers, translators, and police officers, from the Railway Transport Police, who selected and helped the refugees according to their destinations or problems. All the refugees were deployed by buses to the transit shelters or the airport. Ukrainian refugees can travel for free in Romania, to any destination, by CFR trains. Almost 320,000 refugees had entered Romania since 08 March 2022. (Moldavia, Rumanía, Rusia, Ucrania, Bucarest) EFE/EPA/ROBERT GHEMENT | ROBERT GHEMENT


Judging by the Russian invasion of Ukraine perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to push NATO into eastern Europe. The Russian invasion is an outrage but the West could also be accused of provoking the Russians.

Last year a Royal Navy destroyer was buzzed by Russian aircraft in the Black Sea as it sailed through waters close to Crimea. Two years ago another British warship did the same thing with the same reaction only this time the whole incident was filmed by a British television crew who were making a documentary.

At least 14 Russian aircraft were involved and Britain was basically testing the Russian response. The waters around Crimea are claimed by Russia but the West says that they are international waters. Why did Britain feel the need to test the Russian response? Was it really necessary or was it just sabre rattling?

Britain has also signed arms contracts with Ukraine with new patrol craft for the Ukrainian navy being built in Britain and two former Royal Navy minesweepers being transferred to them. Infact Britain has been more vocal than even the U.S. on Ukraine.

No-one in their right mind could support the Russians and their savagery in Ukraine but countries like Britain need to reflect on their past actions.

One thing that the West learnt during the Cold war was that it is not a good idea to provoke the Soviets. Did Britain and her allies provoke Russia? Probably, but the response from Putin was over the top.