Who would have thought two years ago that we would still be wearing masks? | r.l.


Two years ago Spain introduced some of Europe’s strictest lockdown measures at the start of the pandemic during the spring of 2020. However, two years later the country now has one of the highest Covid vaccination rates on the planet.

On March 15, 2020, we were all ordered to stay at home and since then some 11 million cases of Covid have been reported across Spain.

As a journalist, I was given official permission to be out and about and go to work, but being the only person on the streets of Palma walking to work was extremely eerie: there were no cars, no people, no noise, just ducks wandering around the Paseo Mallorca in front of our offices.

Two years on, and masks are still required to be worn inside, although the government has hinted that the ruling may be lifted before Easter despite some medical experts recommending that summer would be a better deadline.

However, personally I think it is a small price to pay considering that we are going to have to live with Covid and in the Balearics, for example, people are still catching the virus and dying from it - it has not gone away and it will not for a long time.

Yes, we’ve got the vaccines but as yet they don’t offer 100% protection. One thing which is for sure is that life will never be as we knew it two years ago.