The PP opposition at Palma town hall may well have hit the nail on the head. | P. PELLICER


Beneath the Plaça Major in Palma is a space that was symptomatic of uncharming urban planning that was certainly not unique to the city. In decades past, planners from wherever went in for abominations, persuaded that they were creating something of use to local residents but in the process abandoning principles of aesthetics.

It was always a miserable space, even when all the units were open. A lack of natural light was a key reason why.

The PP opposition at Palma town hall may well have hit the nail on the head. A reason why it has taken so long to proceed with redeveloping the Plaça Major underground is that the administration has never really known what it wants. In seeking answers, the PP say, “citizen participation” has been called in. Fine in principle, but could it just be that citizen participation gives the game away? No, we don’t know what to do with the space, so let’s ask the public. Assuming that the public is then listened to.

The concessions ran out in September 2019. With hindsight, given the fiasco of not-knowing which has followed, would extensions not have been a more suitable arrangement (inevitable obstacles notwithstanding)? In addition, and as importantly, could there not be an architectural solution which opens the space up and makes it feel half-charming? And for goodness sake, let’s hear no more nonsense about this underground being somehow indicative of heritage, when it is not and never was.