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Those lucky enough to live in Mallorca, or any of the other Balearic islands, are well aware of the benefits, especially to our health, be it physical or mental, but those overseas are perhaps unaware of the fact that the Balearics is considered to be one of the healthiest places to move to.

According to The Mental State of the World Report, Spain is the second best country in the world to set up a new home with regards to mental well-being, including mood and outlook, social self (how we relate to ourselves and others) and drive and motivation. Latin American and other European countries had some of the highest levels of mental well-being while the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland came in the bottom ten countries for overall mental well-being.

Latin American and Spanish speaking countries performed the best overall, with six Spanish speaking countries in the top ten. Of the five European countries featured, three made it into the top ten with Spain at number two, Switzerland at five and Belgium at number eight. Venezuela was top.

So, where is it going to be?

With guaranteed sunshine for nearly all of the year and a host of outdoor activities to enjoy, Mallorca and the Balearics are a very safe bet, plus for those Europeans who may feel homesick every now and then, it’s just a quick flight home to see friends and family, although they will more than likely be queuing up to visit the Balearics.