A hotel in Ibiza. | ARGUI ESCANDON


I am told during the summer months in Ibiza that recruiting staff has become a nightmare because rents are so high that relatively lowly-paid staff can´t afford to live there. This state of affairs is now happening on Mallorca with hoteliers now offering their staff cheap housing. It is a trend which will continue in the Balearics and it will not be just rents, you almost have to be a millionaire to buy your own home! The Balearics has been a victim of its own success.

Rents are high because there is a big demand to live here, property prices are at sky-high levels for the same reason. The Balearic government needs to embark on a programme of building low-cost housing for workers who come to the island during the summer season. It is the only solution. Mallorca has been dubbed as the second Monaco which is great news for the local economy but bad news if you are an employee on the minimum wage. Perhaps the local government could also try and stamp out even further the so-called illegal rental market.

Homes are being illegally rented out to tourists when they could be offered to hotel staff who have come to the island to work on a long-term basis. There is no quick solution but it is a problem which needs to be resolved. Some trade union officials have said that workers from the mainland or aboard should be offered some sort of living allowance. This is not a bad idea but I doubt that many employers would support it....but they may have little option.