Russia's President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the country's oil and gas industry with representatives of Russian energy companies and officials via a video link at a residence outside Moscow. | SPUTNIK

What ever happens in Ukraine, Putin has not only destroyed a neighbouring country for no apparent reasons, he has also seriously damaged the reputation of his own people and it is going to take generations for Russians to be able to hold their heads up high again around the world.

Apart from practically bankrupting his own country and leaving millions of Russians on the brink of poverty, well the vast majority of Russian’s billions are said to be in the hands of just 500 people anyway, the impact of his actions have hit Russians all around the world.
In Spain, many have been complaining for weeks about how they have become outcasts and that people are boycotting their businesses and neighbours they have known for as long as 30 years no longer talk to them.

And now it is happening in Mallorca. On the one hand it is a great shame, many of the Russians have lived overseas for decades and certainly do not represent what Putin stands for. But for those in Russia who have been brainwashed and believe their great leader’s narrative, the sympathy factor is very low I am afraid. It’s a tough call to make, thousands of Russians who live in Poland have been protesting against the war, for example, but the longer the war continues, the more damage Putin will inflict on his own people.