Wearing face masks coming to an end in Spain. | Nathalia Aguilar

The Spanish government will today detail what the new rules are regarding wearing face masks from tomorrow when, for most people, they will no longer be required to be work indoors. But, it appears that there is going to be plenty of small print. For example, despite what government sources have said, it remains unclear how businesses should proceed. On the one hand it is up to individual companies to decide, on the other if social distancing of 1.5 metres can not be maintained, then it is masks on. There is going to be come confusion because the social distancing mandate appears to be set to remain in place and dictate whether you can wear a mask or not indoors.

In February, the need to wear them outdoors was lifted so now we move to the next stage in Spain despite many medical experts saying that the government should wait until nearer the summer holidays. There will undoubtedly be a spike in cases as a result of the Easter holidays, but case numbers have fallen as has the number of serious cases, but people are still catching and transmitting Covid. A friend of mine who caught a cold over Easter went straight to the pharmacist to take a Covid test, the virus has by no means gone away. But, two years down the road it has to be time to move on, but as the Prime Minister said, common sense must prevail.