Travellers queue to check in for their flights at Gatwick Airport in London. | TOLGA AKMEN


I don’t care who is to blame, just sort it out, please. The holiday season is well underway. Tourists have been waiting for two years to go to their favourite resorts. It is a long wait and now they are faced with a nightmare scenario at airports. The wait, I am told, at both British and Palma airport is almost endless.

The basic problem is that there is a shortage of airport staff. The British government is busy trading verbal blows with the travel industry over who is to blame, but to be honest, does it really matter? At Palma airport a lack of airport staff means that there are long queues at passport control for British passengers. Since Brexit their passports get more scrutiny but unfortunately additional staff were not added. Police unions have demanded that more resources be sent to the airport but the call appears to have fallen on deaf ears. In the UK there appears to be shortage of staff within the travel industry.

Governmets and companies have had two years to get their acts together for the sudden surge in passengers and it looks as if they have all failed miserably. The problem needs to be fixed and fast. This is a make or break year for the travel industry. People are desperate to go on holiday and there is certainly plenty of demand. But the sight of long queues at airports and “nightmare” times for passengers could make people think twice about taking a holiday abroad next year. Action this day.