Dear Sir,

I am a little surprised about what you focus on in your articles.

Is it interesting for anybody to know that the island is getting flight from US, which every major city in Europe already has?

You should also be aware that US tourists drive prices up everywhere since Europe for them is incredibly cheap as a consequence of strong dollar.

I do not think this is anything other tourists coming to the island are happy about.

Also to read always about new record number of tourists - this is something that people reading the article perceive as negative. Who wants to come to an island which is overcrowded with tourists when there are many nicer and more quiet places to travel to?

Focus your articles on higher quality items, talking more about economy, business, restaurants, culture, important events. Stop writing about things that really do not matter.

Airlines are flying everywhere, it is like a bus ride and who is interested in reading about routes, how fully booked planes are etc??

Dag Andersson