Tourists arriving in Ibiza. | ARGUI ESCANDON


Holidays are all about having fun, switching off and relaxing and they don’t come cheap, especially in the Balearics. What holidaymakers, clients if you like as they are spending well earned money to visit the Balearics, do not want is to be to told what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot wear.

Yes, we all want to live in harmony, but it is a small minority who cause a problem in a handful of resorts and it is not just the British! However, steps taken by the Balearic and British authorities to try and tackle antisocial behaviour and alcohol fuelled tragic accidents such as balcony falls have not been well received in the UK and I dare say in Germany neither.

Both the Germans and the British have been hit with all-inclusive drinking restrictions in hotels in Magalluf and the Playa de Palma along with San Antonio in Ibiza. As one leading tourism expert told me a few years ago when the restrictions were first introduced “prohibition always back fires”. The Playa de Palma is yet again out of control while Magalluf appears to be relatively quiet, that could be because the resort is not full. Yet day after day mainstream media across Europe is reporting on the restrictions and controls in destinations such as the Balearics and they are generating a negative response from key markets.

I understand what the end game is, I am just not too sure about how it’s being played.