The project will take at least five months. | P. PELLICER


As we enter the peak of the summer season, how high that peak reaches remains to be seen, but Palma council has embarked on yet another major building project. On Monday, work began on renovating the Parc de la Mar in front of the Cathedral and the project will take at least five months. Granted, it was getting a bit shabby but why cannot these kind of projects be carried out in the winter?

This summer began with Jaime III and surrounding streets being ripped up, causing chaos for pedestrians and traffic, and now one of Palma’s most popular attractions for locals and visitors is being turned into a building site.

What is more, it is the first stop for the thousands of cruise ship passengers who get dropped off in the coach park just across the road. So now, as they head into the centre to spend vast amounts of money, they have to negotiate the Parc de la Mar construction site. Welcome to Palma, sorry about the diggers and Bob the builders in hard hats in your picture of the Cathedral.

I have heard on the grapevine that construction companies prefer summer contracts because it is too cold for workers during the winter; yeah right. I’m sure they love working during a heatwave. Anyway, work will be completed by winter, when the cruise ships stop coming.