Tourists in Palma.

The UK is not only Spain’s largest tourist market it is also one of the country’s biggest investors, but it appears to be deliberately making life difficult for visitors from the UK. Yes, we have the ongoing saga over the status of UK driving licences for British residents and now, holiday makers may be made to prove that they are able to fund their trip with €100 per day (£85).

Visitors may also be made to prove they have accommodation for their time in Spain, as well as a return or onward ticket out of the country, and an additional €900 (£766.94) minimum in funds. The UK may now be a third-party country since it left the EU but it is certainly not a third world country - one of the reasons thousands of Spanish doctors and nurses, for example - are working in the UK - much higher wages and living conditions.

But apart from the indecency of having to prove how much money one has, what about visitors on an all-inclusive holiday, packages which are continuing to gain in popularity much to the pain of the Balearic government which would love to wipe them out, as it is in certain resorts one can only enjoy six drinks a day.

Mainland Spain, as a whole, can mess about with tourists, to a certain extent because it has so much to offer, but the Balearics can not. I think it needs a reality check and it needs to think about what it really wants for the future.