Dear Sir,

I can't be the only one on the island who is finding it impossible to buy a decent chicken.

I have tried all of the supermarket chains and local butchers but the result is always the same, a tough old boiler of a bird that gets fed to the dog.

Tess, my dog, is very happy with the arrangement, she gets freshly roasted chicken every week, but what used to be a staple Sunday Roast is now off the menu in our house.

When we first arrived in Mallorca in 2012, we could not get over the quality of the chicken in the supermarkets. Compaired to what we were used to in the UK, these actually tasted of chicken. And it has been that way up until the last few months.

Did all of our the island's chickens get imported from Ukraine? Is there a frozen chicken mountain sitting next to the grain mountain in Odessa?

Does anyone know what is going on.

I miss my Sunday Roasts.

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Mark Grimston.