New British Prime Minister Liz Truss walks outside Number 10 Downing Street, in London, Britain September 7, 2022. | JOHN SIBLEY


Liz Truss became Prime Minister this week all thanks to a few thousand votes from Conservative Party members across the country. Even Conservative Members of Parliament didn't want her as Prime Minister but she is now leading the country. Doesn't say much for democracy, really?

She has made no attempt to bring on board her leadership rivals and she has not invited the various leaders of the opposition for fire-side chats. With the nightmare situation which Britain is facing many would say that now is time for agreement rather than radical plans supported by a few.

I don't really think that the Conservatives, or whatever other party is in power, should decide who is Prime Minister. Surely, it is a matter for the people of Britain. They voted for Boris Johnson and got Liz Truss because MPs decided that Johnson should go, and then MPs decided on their “man for the job” (Riski Sunak) but then some Tory members decided on Liz Truss. So who wanted Truss?

Not the parliamentary Conservative Party and not all the members of the party across the country. So, a few thousand votes and Truss becomes Prime Minister. Will she do the honourable thing and a call a general election? Ofcourse not, she got the top job and she is going nowhere. Well at least for now but her biggest problem is that the majority of her colleagues didn´t want her and they will just wait and see.