Time to stop Brit-bashing in the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


There are no doubt numerous reasons as why the number of “serious accidents” involving British holiday makers has fallen in Magalluf over the past few years, the Balearic government claims seven, ever since it came to power, but I think that might me stretching it. But this summer for certain appears to have been somewhat incident free compared to others.

But as we have all seen on social media, there have been the usual fights and face-offs, mainly due to excess alcohol and drugs, and local police insiders have told me varying stories which do not quite fall in line with the message from the Balearic government.

However, if we are to believe that Magalluf is “calming down” and the prohibition on all-inclusive hotels and controls on the sale of alcohol and booze related events are working then all well and done, so now leave the British alone, stop pointing the finger at them whenever there is a flare up.

Magalluf is now a summer trap for a host of different nationalities, it is no longer a British resort, if it ever was.

The Balearic government, with the somewhat questionable support of the British government, had no fears about taking on the Brits, right, so how about taking a similar approach to the Germans and eastern Europeans in Playa de Palma?
I don’t live in Calvia, I live and pay my taxes in Palma and don’t like it being trashed.