With local elections looming, one could expect a lot of hot air from politicians on all sides in a bid to woo voters. However, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who has the best part of 18 months until the next general election, appears to be far more concerned about the welfare of the general public while also establishing Spain as an eventual new fuel provider for Europe - its neighbours at least.

This week he announced a new series of measures, including scrapping value added tax on staple foods, such as bread and milk, and extending rent and eviction controls to help ease the economic crisis caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine and which has led to Spain leading the way on providing alternative sources of energy to the EU in the future.

Sánchez said the government would also cut VAT on cooking oil and pasta from 10% to 5%.

The government has introduced three packages of aid measures since the start of the war in February. These will cost around 45 billion euros, including 10 billion for the latest round of measures, and this latest round will make a real difference to the lives of millions of people.

Other European countries have introduced inflation-busting measures, but none have gone as far as Spain and Sánchez should be congratulated for this.