I do wish that Prince Harry would take a long walk on a very short plank! His book, which went on sale in Spain yesterday, appears to be very similar to his Netflix interview/documentary, full of half truths and allegations which he knows that the royal family will not answer. Why can't he and his wife just go off into the sunset and enjoy their lives on the other side of the Atlantic?

Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly left Britain because they wanted to be out of the public spotlight but ever since leaving they have done their best to get into the thing they allegedly wanted to leave. And to be honest... they haven't got much to say for themselves.

I sat through all six episodes of their Netflix series and I was thoroughly bored. More concerning, though, is the impact this whole affair is having on the British royal family. Times are hard in Britain and do the good old British public really want to hear about another royal scandal from a family which are meant to set an example? Well the simple answer is no.

It is time that King Charles put his family in order and they should be warned about the dangers of washing their dirty laundry in public. Harry should know better. He can't be doing this for the money...he is very wealthy in his own right and so is his wife. What does he aim to achieve? Bring down the monarchy? Cause it ever lasting damage? He is playing a dangerous game and public opinion is no longer on his side.

Just leave it, settle down in the U.S. and enjoy your family is my advice to him. He is playing with fire and someone is going to get burnt. It is such a shame that all this has happened, especially just months after the death of her Majesty the Queen.