Tourists walking about in Palma during the winter months. | M.A. Cañellas


The number of hotels opening this month is impressive and very encouraging, With market reports from the UK indicating that a large percentage of people want to get an overseas holiday in before the end of March and Easter, Mallorcan hoteliers may just have played the market right this year, despite hotel prices haven risen yet again.

One of my favourite hotels on the island between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia never usually opened until the middle of March. It opens next week and is offering some cracking deals while also making a big play for the cycling market and the manager has told me that early bookings are brisk. I hope other hotels which have taken the leap can say the same. Granted, the weather has not been great; that said last weekend was a beauty.

Palma’s Can Pere Antoni beach was heaving on Saturday evening, groups of people enjoying a few cans, people playing volleyball and the evening sky was a glorious colour ahead of a Sunday which many people spent on the beach or terraces with temperatures reaching 18ºC. Ok, the weather took another turn for the worse on Monday, but we are in winter after all and apart from a few sub-zero days and nights I don’t think we can complain too much - some bright spark even managed to get some skiing in on one of Mallorca’s slopes as the mountains were caked in snow. I have to admit I have not heard or seen too many foreigners around Palma since the end of the Christmas festivities, but I presume that the hoteliers know what they are doing and the tourists appear to be coming back to the island earlier than ever. Bring it on!