Larry the cat at Downing Street. | Reuters


Rishi Sunak marked 100 days as British Prime Minister a short while ago, around about the same time of year as Larry the cat arrived in Downing Street on 15 February 2011. In that time 16 year-old Larry has seen four PM’s leave his/her abode and is now on his fifth fellow occupant, plus he is now apparently the longest serving inhabitant of that address since the Marquess of Salisbury, a fellow with equally fine whiskers, in 1902. Now then, even if Larry isn’t getting any younger, he is still the ultimate ‘mouser’ it seems - and it has to be said perhaps, brings more genuine authority to his important role, than some of the dubious politicians he has shared his home with recently.

Indeed, I wonder what Larry would make of the recent outpourings of former premier Liz Truss who seems somewhat determined to revive her political fortunes after her disastrous 44 day premiership which left the nation on the verge of a financial meltdown and a complete laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world. You have to hand it to her though, don’t you - in a way? She must have the self confidence and chutzpah of a slightly crazed medieval monarch, unfortunately without either the perception or the understanding of the damage she wrought on her nation. I must say that at one time I did feel a little sorry for her - ‘how humiliating for her and her family, politics is a cruel game’ - you knows that sort of thing? Not anymore! Indeed, she shares a sort of unworldly view of the way that the world works with her predecessor Boris Johnson. I really don’t want to make this piece a tedious political tirade, but come on, even Boris J is said to be planning, plotting, and manoeuvring himself into a position that might get him back into Downing Street. I have to say that I think that Rishi Sunak is at least trying to do his best with some sort of dignity given the problems that confront the UK at the moment; but it seems that those two ‘has beens’ still imagine themselves to be leadership material after all they have put this nation through over a few short years, or was that months? A complete lack of self-awareness is in itself said to put a person on the so-called autistic ‘spectrum’ of the way that people perceive themselves, but it seems that this malady is no barrier to political ambition whatever has gone on before.

Anyway, back to ‘chief mouser’ Larry the cat. It was reported recently that he had undergone a health check and was said to be in fine fettle after being given antibiotics. Indeed a Downing Street source was quoted as saying - “Larry saw a vet last month for a routine check up. He remains in Downing Street and is feline well.” Come on, I wonder how long it will be before a cadre of unhappy Tory backbench MPs look to undermine Larry’s role in life and seek to usurp his position by plotting to remove him in favour of a more pliable pussy? Yes, folks - the pathetic politics of modern day Britain!