Balearic President Francina Armengol. | R.F.


The Balearic government must be hoping for a minor miracle; that they get re-elected with a landslide so that they do not have to pact with the Mallorcan nationalists at Mes or the far-left, Podemos. These two parties have been busy causing problems for the socialist led coalition of Francina Armengol. It is Mes and to a lesser extent Podemos who are pushing for the government to introduce legislation to curb the purchase of property by nonresidents. Armengol must just smile valiantly and nod her agreement at policy announcements by the junior members of her coalition but she must be dreaming of the day when she could govern alone. The curb on foreign property purchase was never going to be a reality but the damage has already been done.

Mes supporters will be glad to see their party pushing for the ban even though it could cause serious problems for the Balearic government and even cost the socialist party votes at the next local elections. Mes and Podemos have been a thorn in the side of the socialists; they were even opposed to naming Real Mallorca's stadium Visit Mallorca because it could be seen as if the local government were supporting mass tourism.

Real estate agents have said that even talk of the curb on foreign property ownership has scared would-be investors away. It has also given the opposition centre-right, Partido Popular, ammunition to attack the Balearic government claiming that they were anti-tourism. The state of the tourist industry and foreign investment will be key issues at the next local elections. The curb on foreign ownership will be welcomed by a small minority but not by the majority.