Pictures were being taken and posted on Instagram accounts. | PLOZANO


To be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of mobile phones. I use it to make calls, oddly enough, or contact close friends, family and the deal with important business or work matters. Otherwise I can quite happily not even look at my phone, not even touch it for hours on end. However, I appear to be in a minority.

I have just returned from a few days in Formentera and, having never been, the plan was to chill, relax and enjoy the unspoiled countryside and of course the crystal-clear waters and world-famous beaches, such as Ses Illetes flanked by every form of luxury yacht imaginable. That’s fine, they moored off so did not bother me or my companions - what did was the endless groups of posers with their mobile phones.

Posed up pictures here, selfies there, it was a non-stop fashion show, although I doubt most of the men and women would have made it on to a catwalk. Pictures were being taken and posted on Instagram accounts which, for the most part, were being looked at by people all round the world who the poser in question had never spoken to or even met. Or they were being sent by WhatsApp and then followed up by a call to see if the pictures had been received and what was the verdict.

Have we become such a shallow generation/society in need so much instant self-gratification? Are we incapable of, for example, sitting on the one most sought-after beaches on the planet and simply enjoy the natural beauty, the company and even a conversation with our travel partners, never mind some downtime, silence and being comfortable with our own thoughts?

Fortunately, one of the many great things about the island is you can find little coves with no one else on it. That’s paradise.