British products seen at a supermarket. | Javier


What happened to the great trading empire promised by Mr. Boris Johnson and Mr. Nigel Farage during the Brexit referendum? I thought that Britain would be doing business with the world thanks to Brexit.

What I have heard locally in Mallorca is that companies are importing fewer British-made products because it is so complicated. Many British favourites have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves because of red tape from both sides (Britain and the European Union). So rather than making it easier to get British products abroad it is now more difficult. Take Spain with a population of about half a million British expats plus millions of tourists every year.

There is a big demand for British food products from baked beans to British sausages. Since Brexit it has become a nightmare. So what has Brexit really achieved? Is Britain better off (No), is British industry steaming ahead with all the new post-Brexit orders (No), is the National Health Service benefiting from more cash because Britain no longer has to pay Brussels (No). In fact, it has even made the British dream of retirement in the sun much more difficult.

Yes, Brexit has been a failure and the politicians who promised a brave new dawn should be made accountable. The European Union has its flaws, it is a failing organisation but at least with membership you can make change. I don’t think anyone realised how engrossed Britain was with the European Union when the Brexit referendum took place. It has all been a learning curve. You can see that support for Brexit is slowly sliding even with the people who devised the great plan.

The British Foreign Secretary (David Cameron) who fought long and hard against Brexit has returned to the cabinet in a senior role. He staked his reputation on Brexit and he is now back. What does that tell you about a government who said that Brexit means Brexit? The time has come to turn back the clock. Brexit in its present form has failed miserably and I feel sorry for all those who thought that it would be the dawn of a new era. Time to start again and plan sensibly for the future.