Fans support Real Mallorca at the new stadium opening. | MIQUEL ANGEL BORRAS


Last week I mentioned the importance of Mallorca having a successful football team from a tourism point of view. This week we learned that the Balearic government and the Council of Mallorca will pay 2.6 million euros to the club, a new tourism promotion sponsorship agreement. It was an agreement that was made under the previous PSOE government but dropped because of their coalition partners Més and Podemos being so anti-tourism.

Reacting to the new agreement, the Més spokesperson at the Council of Mallorca, Jaume Alzamora, says that it is one thing is help and support sport and a very different thing to provide funds for something that will lead to more tourism "massification".

He is critical of the use of public money for an organisation that is only motivated by financial interests. It is money for a company that does not have Mallorcan capital, has few local players but ones who earn "very high salaries".

Luckily, these people are no longer in power, but they still speak utter rubbish in the press. Does Señor Alzamora realise that the majority of the football season is played in the low season, away from the really busy months? What business isn’t motivated by financial interests? It is run by an American company, that is true, but let’s face it, it hadn’t been run properly for years in the hands of Spanish owners. There are four Mallorcan born players in the current first team squad, which I consider to be a good number when you look at the size of the island. And who is he to question the salaries they earn?

Not only that, it’s a huge boost for all of our youngsters on the island wanting to become professional footballers. I highlighted last week that Real Mallorca’s youth team won the Copa del Rey, which is an unbelievable achievement. And one last fact for our friend from Més (that’s the party he represents by the way, make up your own gags!) The president of the Mallorca Hotel Federation (FEHM), María Frontera, has said that the tourism sector is responsible for 7 out of every 10 jobs created in the Balearics.

The start of the season is upon us. With Easter falling so early, it’s been a bit of a conundrum for businesses here on the island whether they open or wait until the start of May. According to reports this week, 90% of Hotels in the Calvia region in the south of the island will be open, which is refreshing to hear. What I’m hearing and seeing is there doesn’t seem to be too much of a lull after Easter, which is always the problem when it falls so early. No business wants to be stuck with a load of employees on contract with nothing to do. At Pirates, we opened our Adventure show on Wednesday the 27th of March, with extra shows over Easter. That’s followed by Gringos on Saturday the 30th of March and Reloaded on Friday April the 19th. We have not seen such levels of bookings since the pandemic and speaking to all the tour operators, agencies and hotels, the feeling is a good one for the season. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it’s important that we can look after these people to ensure that they come back year after year. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Easter.