Richie Prior
Richie Prior


Mallorca’s summer surge sparks tourism debate

We as a population are not helping the matter. Their next protest will take place in Palma on July 21.

Richie Prior 05/07/2024 12:33


Real Mallorca’s youth revolution

Every supporter around the World loves a “home-grown” player.

Richie Prior 28/06/2024 10:44


Mallorca’s tourism turmoil

“Tourist go home is the message and let’s be honest, it’s not a very welcoming one, is it?”

Richie Prior 11/06/2024 15:13


The unstoppable rise of Women’s Football in Mallorca

The biggest club on the island doesn’t have a female team?

Richie Prior 04/06/2024 15:44


Homebound vs. headquarters: The great workplace debate in Mallorca

I wonder what the reaction would be here in Spain if a head of a company was to say to his workforce, “If you don’t like it, please seek alternative employment”.

Richie Prior 20/05/2024 11:56


The Brexit fallout on the youth mobility scheme

Rishi Sunak has rejected an EU offer to strike a post-Brexit deal to allow young Britons to live, study or work in the bloc for up to four years.

Richie Prior 13/05/2024 09:41


Supporting my two football clubs and travelling to see them play!

Travelling away from the island has been interesting these past few weeks.

Richie Prior 29/04/2024 16:55


Navigating Mallorca’s rising costs

Being an island that has to import most of its produce, unfortunately means we are hit harder than most.

Richie Prior 19/04/2024 11:24


A footballing odyssey with Real Mallorca

Grown men, women and children were crying around me, but in truth the best team won.

Richie Prior 15/04/2024 16:44


Nike's kit controversy: Crossing boundaries in football fashion

Nike produces the kits for France, England, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal and Croatia.

Richie Prior 05/04/2024 16:10


Game On: Mallorca's football boost and Easter business blitz

This week we learned that the Balearic government and the Council of Mallorca will pay 2.6 million euros to the club, a new tourism promotion sponsorship agreement.

Richie Prior 01/04/2024 15:06


Benjamin White's bold stand against football expectation

So why did White turn down the chance when there is a general assumption amongst most football fans that players must love the game as much as we do?

Richie Prior 27/03/2024 14:39


Mallorca's football fervour and coaching legacy

Once again Mallorca shines through in another industry and it’s remarkable when you think the population is just under one million people.

Richie Prior 18/03/2024 13:57


The debate over school holiday restrictions

From August 2024, the fine for school absences across the UK will be £80 if paid within 21 days, or £160 if paid within 28 days.

Richie Prior 09/03/2024 04:05


Remembering the legend: Steve Wright and the evolution of radio

I was of course listening to the radio when I heard the tragic news of his passing.

Richie Prior 29/02/2024 10:19


A bumper year for live music in Mallorca

Over the years Mallorca has hosted some of the biggest artists in the World.

Richie Prior 20/02/2024 10:03


Navigating the ups and downs: A fan's perspective on Real Mallorca's journey

This weeks thoughts are a bit of a double edged sword. I want to give out praise where praise is due but there are a couple of negatives coming too.

Richie Prior 12/02/2024 10:15


Street entertainment that brightens your journey

One of the things I love about St Pancras is the piano that is in the middle of the concourse.

Richie Prior 05/02/2024 11:59