The majority of tourists who come to the island are on a budget and a sizeable part of the local population earn about 1,200 euros a month. Taking this into account, why do some bars in Palma charge such outrageous rates? The other day to my horror I found myself paying four euros for a small beer.

It wasn’t too long ago that you could get a three-course lunch for that money. In fact, the bar which charged me this outrageous sum is close to where you could have a three-course menu of the day for about a euro 30 years ago. There does need to be some price control in Mallorca at the moment. Prices continue to rise but wages stay the same.

If Mallorca is to become the new Monaco then something needs to be done and fast because the majority of the population won’t be able to afford to live here. Already there are reports of people living in cars because they can’t afford to pay the high rents. There are two options: the Balearic government calls for a massive increase in the minimum wage (which isn't going to happen) or some form of price control is introduced.

At the moment the Balearic government only sets the minimum bar price for a drink, it should set the maximum as well. Mallorca was once known as a cheap holiday destination. It has now become a bit too expensive and if this trend continues I can see tourists going elsewhere.