This island depends on tourism, | CATI CLADERA


Enough is enough. Just too many tourists is the battle cry from various small groups and political parties who are opposed to mass tourism. In other words they want their cake and eat it and basically want a smaller number of tourists but with a higher spending power. Dream on!

The Mallorca tourist industry is designed for millions of tourists. Thousands of people depend on these millions to keep them in employment. If they don’t come, then fewer jobs, less money and bad news for the local economy. I am getting rather bored at the small number of people who continue to moan that there are too many tourists. As Steve Heapy, Chief Executive of travel giant Jet2, once said, be careful what you wish for.

Remember that this island depends on tourism, there is little industry and the farming industry is long-gone. Mass tourism started coming to Mallorca back in the 1980s. No-one was complaining then, in fact the Palma city council organised a campaign called A tourist, A friend. If you believe the small number of vocal critics about tourism, these days it is a question of - a tourist, please don't come.

Now, don't get me wrong, the vast majority of people of these islands want tourists and make them feel very welcome. Unfortunately, it is a very small minority who are doing all the damage. Remember that Mallorca is no longer cheap!