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As millions of Britons start dreaming of their summer holiday in Mallorca, the British media, fuelled by complaints from a handful of tourists, are having a field day with what is considered some rather sobering news - the price of alcohol has gone up in Mallorca over the past few years. So much so that some newspapers have quoted British tourists who claim they will not return because the price of drinks in bars has become too expensive. Some have even gone as far as blaming Covid, which still appears to be blamed for most problems in the UK.

How about geopolitics and overall inflation? I am sure that the hostelry sector in the UK has been forced to increase its prices to cover overall rising operating costs.

The British media has been reporting that “tourists can now expect to pay up to €10 for popular cocktails, such as a Mojito or a Sex on the Beach, and up €5 for a pint of lager”. I wonder how that compares to London or any other metropolitan area of the UK or ‘gastropubs’, not to mention the price of booze at airport pubs or onboard flights about which British holidaymakers don’t seem to be complaining.

Ok, go on, take a pop at Mallorca, needless to say Magalluf, but it’s a poor reflection on British tourists. There is so much more to Mallorca than drinking. Times have changed.