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It is a tale of two resorts. This is a personal eyewitness account and different times of the day and on different days so it might not be an accurate snapshot of the two resorts but it is food for thought. The other night I went out for dinner in Arenal, famous for its German tourists and its so-called called Beer and Ham “streets”. The rather nice restaurant is situated in the main square in Arenal. Nearby there are a large number of bars and nightspots. The time of my visit was about 9pm.

The stairway leading up to the restaurant entrance was packed with tourists who were all clearly under the influence, who were sat on the steps. To be fair they didn’t say a word or even move as I entered the restaurant. However, it was a rather unpleasant experience. Young and middle aged tourists who had obviously drunk too much staggering and sitting around completely oblivious to what was going on.

Last Sunday at about 1pm. and then at 6.30pm, I was in Magalluf. It was quiet and peaceful, the beach was packed but you could hear a pin drop. A nice, rather pleasant experience wandering around the resort. Unfortunately it is Magalluf that gets the bad headlines with Playa de Palma a close second. I found that Magalluf was a world apart from its Palma counterpart. If anyone wants to see tourists misbehaving then you should probably head to Arenal and not Magalluf.